Support in your digital transformation

Many companies and organizations must figure out how to seize digitalization's potential. "What should we start with?", How do we choose the right solutions for us?", "Who can we even ask to get unbiased answers?". To maintain competitiveness, these and similar questions are highly relevant and essential to find answers to. Intelliger wants to be the independent support companies and organizations need in their digital transformation. Every company has unique conditions and needs to take its customized path forward. However, we see many similarities between companies where experiences and lessons learned can be helpful and how digital transformation can be structured on an overall level. This has resulted in us developing a framework as support where we have collected several different tools based on the situation the companies find themselves in. We can help with digital maturity assessments, various mappings, and analyses. We can do this in project manager, coach, and adviser roles.

We at Intelliger are team players and are happy to collaborate with parties in different constellations. For example, we are part of Cordevo and can form other teams of experienced people for leadership development, coaching, business development, and innovation.