Intelliger works with the German Innovation Center (GIC) to increase understanding of digitalization and Industry 4.0 among Swedish companies. The term Industry 4.0 was coined in Germany in 2011 and is the name of the fourth industrial revolution after the steam engine, electricity, and computerization. Even if we don't call it a fourth revolution, it's a lot about how digitalization can make it more efficient and find new ways to do business. The biggest customer in Sweden is Volvo AB, where training courses are held physically and digitally. In addition to the training, which can be both teacher-led and individually interactive, we offer companies help to map what training needs exist and which forms are best suited to handle them.


Intelliger is happy to help with tailor-made training for various purposes. For example, PM & Vänner took help to elevate their staff around various collaboration platforms and digital meeting tools.