2020 was the year that changed everything. We already know that the future will place other demands on how we meet and confer. Meetings that are conducted online have increased during the year, but at the same time we want to believe that there is value in also being seen physically. It may not be possible every time or for all intended participants. With that background, PM & Vänner has rethought, and can offer the latest technology for future needs around meetings and conferences. Intelliger builds a studio environment and either broadcasts live or records, for example, a seminar. The speakers can either be present at the venue or participate remotely. The same applies to the audience, either you participate on site or via a link. Here only the imagination sets limits, it can be a seminar internally or a wine tasting with friends around the world. Intelliger can also act as a facilitator to take your digital meetings to reach a new level. Read more at https://pmrestauranger.se/digital-konferens